Jessica A. Knoblauch


I am currently the senior staff writer at Earthjustice, an environmental nonprofit that sues polluters who threaten our environment and our health. Previously, I worked as an editorial assistant at Plenty magazine and as a freelance journalist. My writing has appeared in several publications including Grist, Scientific American, Environmental Health News and Earth Island Journal. I'm a big believer in the power of storytelling to make a positive difference in this world.


'Power Trip: From Oil Wells to Solar Cells'
It's rare these days to find a pro-clean energy book that doesn't just fill every page with oil and gas bashing rhetoric, but that's just one of the reasons that environmental...
Dying Reefs
In 1940, when John Steinbeck sailed along the coast of Baja California, collecting marine specimens, he rounded the tip of Baja and discovered Cabo Pulmo-the largest living...
Stormy Waters
Earthjustice’s ocean litigation is working to broaden the federal government's fragmented approach by taking a more holistic view of the ocean ecosystem, a crucial tactic in...


Government Agency Nixes Coal Photo on Public Lands Website After Public Outcry
The Trump administration just got a harsh reminder just how strongly Americans feel about protecting public lands. A few days ago, the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM),...
5 Ways EPA Budget Cuts Affect You
President Trump is no fan of a clean environment-a fact that is becoming all the more clear as he proposes a wide range of bills meant to water down or gut regulations that...
Wildlife Refuges Are No Place for a Bee-Killing Pesticide
Wildlife refuges are meant to be just that-places carefully managed to allow animals and plants to flourish. Certainly, they're no place for toxic pesticides, especially in a...
We're Suing the Trump Administration for Delaying Protections Against Methane. Again.
Earthjustice is suing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today over its decision to delay regulations on methane, a major greenhouse gas. Delays of critical environmental...
Earthjustice wins 16-year-long battle to protect 50 million acres of forests
A decades-long fight over a landmark rule protecting wild forests nationwide took another successful-and possibly final-turn last week after a U.S. district court threw out a...
Hawaiʻi Supreme Court Halts Commercial Aquarium Fishing, Protecting Reefs and Native Hawaiians
Scuba diver Rene Umberger knows that the aquarium fishing industry is a deadly business. And not just for the fish. While out on a diving and snorkeling expedition in 2014 to...
Your Dog and Cat's Food Container Bags May Be Coated with Toxic Chemicals
Every pet owner knows the consequences of feeding their dog or cat too many table scraps. Your pet gets fat, and your daily pet poop patrol suddenly smells a lot worse. But even...
Judge to FDA: The Government Must Pull Aside Curtain on GE Salmon
Recently, a U.S. District Court judge took the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to task for withholding government documents related to the agency's approval of...
New Report Finds GE Crops Don't Increase Yields but Do Increase Herbicide Use
New research finds that GE technology doesn’t increase crop yields or reduce overall pesticide use.
Pints that Pack a Punch: A Conversation with Jerry of Ben & Jerry's
Recently, Earthjustice sat down with Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s to talk about ice cream, GE labeling and the inspiration behind the Bernie’s Yearning flavor.
Saving the Original Christmas Trees
As people across the country decorate their Christmas trees, some of their oldest-remaining ancestors are at risk of being chopped down.
What is dry cask nuclear waste storage?
Q. My question has to do with Yucca Mountain, which is proposed to be the nation's first nuclear waste dump site. Building the site is now supposed to cost taxpayers $32 billion...
Doggie Dilemma: Limiting Flame Retardant Exposure in Pets
New regulations are making it easier for consumers to find products free of flame retardants, but there’s much more work to do to limit the exposure of these toxic chemicals to...
Keeping the Wolverine Wild
Earthjustice is once again fighting to protect the wolverine, a tough-as-nails creature that’s nevertheless extremely vulnerable to climate change and development.
Seven Ways This New Chemical Law Will Make You Safer
Updates to the chemical safety law known as TSCA will help to better protect Americans from toxic chemicals.
Recyclebank rewards recyclers
Recycling is a lot like working out - you know you should do it, but at the end of a long Monday when the dirty dishes are piled up in the sink and the couch never looked so...
The Scoop on Ice
The Obama administration just delivered another blow to Arctic drilling. What’s next in the fight to protect one of our nation’s most pristine ecosystems?
Sky sprockets in flight
Every greenie loves wind turbines for their clean, renewable power, but some folks think the massive metal poles muddy pristine landscapes. Enter the latest tech being tested:...
Stealing Gas
After her tank was mysteriously depleted, the author arrived at the only solution: ditching her car. (Sort of.)
A dozen (plus) of the most outlandish energy sources spawned by the green movement
It's clear that the energy crisis is real when Paris Hilton has an energy plan and Republicans are yelling " Drill, baby, drill." The good news is that this challenge has...
Climate Change Sparks Fire, Melts Ice in Glacier National Park
Hotter temperatures caused by climate change are melting Glacier National Park’s namesake glaciers and starting fires within the park’s boundaries.
It's Time to Be Drought Intolerant
Want to help the drought? Draw a bath, call your senator, and let your worries soak away.
Top Six Reasons to Keep the Grand Canyon Grand
There are plenty of reasons why major developments shouldn’t be allowed on the doorstep of Grand Canyon National Park. Here are just six.
Navy Sonar Settlement Brings Historic Win for Whales
For the first time ever, the Navy has agreed to put vast swaths of important habitat for numerous marine mammals off limits to dangerous sonar training and testing.
Girly-Named Hurricanes Less Feared
People don't take female-named hurricanes as seriously and suffer the consequences.
Lady Liberty Takes a Dive
The Statue of Liberty’s torch-bearing arm may become a distress signal as sea levels rise.

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